Roll Holders

Fabricated using 304 stainless steel, these are used to store bags on a roll in a hygienic and convenient way, just pull the roll and tear off the bag, these can be fabricated to your requirements also we can fabricate these out of mild steel with a galvanized finish.

Stainless steel tone dishes, hoppers, funnels and tanks

These can be fabricated using dimpled sheet or standard sheet to a hygienic standard to most shapes  and   sizes.  We can also fabricate these using mild steel with a galvanized finish

Pipe Fabrications and Fitting

Over the years, we have made many pipe fabricates be it one-offs, to straight runs and special bends etc. TIG welding using the gas purging systems to insure that you have a hygienic finished weld inside the pipe. We also install pipes using the Mapress process.

With the pipe work we also fabricate platforms and gantry’s to go with the installations either in stainless steel or mild steel with a galvanized finish.

Stainless Steel  Steps

Heavy duty steps using anti slip treads again can be made from mild steel with a galvanized finish to your requirements

Machining and Milling facilities

Please take a look at the other jobs we have successfully completed.

Site Welding

We are fully equipped and insured to come to your premises to carry out on-site jobs.